Our Fees

The table below details the fees to study at the Anglo-American School of Sofia, Bulgaria. Find further information related to fees and payments in the bottom row of the table below. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Fees for studying at the Anglo-American School of Sofia 2014-15
Grade Registration
Entrance Capital Fee Tuition Total
New Students
Returning Students
New Return
(Full Day)
€885 €2,815 €1,405 N/A €8,100 €13,205 €10,915
Kindergarten - Gr.5 €885 €2,815 €1,405 N/A €15,185 €20,290 €18,000
Gr.6 - Gr.8 €885 €2,815 €1,405 N/A €16,265 €21,370 €19,080
Gr.9 - Gr.12 €885 €2,815 €1,405 N/A €17,320 €22,425 €20,135
Additional Fees, Partial Enrolment & Early Withdrawal
Invoices & Bank Details
Age Requirements for enrollment of students

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