The AAS Pandemic
Prevention Plan

Pandemic Prevention:
August 2021

On August, 25, 2021, AAS will welcome students back to campus under the “Controlled Face-to-Face Model” (Moderate Risk).

Based on knowledge from health organizations, governments, and our experience, AAS has continually updated and improved practices to protect students and staff while minimizing the impact on the school experience that the AAS community expects. Further, the positive effect the vaccine is having on protecting individuals and the broader community is already evident and provides a promising outlook for a quicker return to normal.
The AAS Pandemic Prevention Plan has been developed so AAS can continue to provide the best possible education for the AAS community in the new normal.
The AAS Pandemic Prevention Plan is guided by five principles:
Act in a manner consistent with the AAS Mission and Core Values
Prefer face to face learning over distance learning whenever it is safe to do so
Prioritize the safety and well-being of students, families, staff
Ensure that research supported hygiene and health practices are explicitly defined, implemented, and enforced
Implement procedures that reduce the risk of transmission of the virus and prepare for flexible responsiveness to health issues within the AAS and broader communities
Due to the ever changing nature of the response to the pandemic by government agencies and health leaders, the AAS Pandemic Prevention Plan is intentionally flexible. It is expected that changes to this plan will be made in response to updated guidelines and requirements from the Bulgarian Government, input from the US and UK Embassies, as well as guidance by leading health organizations.