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AAS Esports: An Extraordinary Journey

The AAS Esports team has been competing internationally for over a year now. Middle and high school gamers have competed each trimester against other schools all over the world. In that time, our team has won the world championship for competitive Minecraft and we are quickly building a name for ourselves in a new game for us called Rocket League.

Esports is about more than just video game competitions; it is a phenomenon that has revolutionized the world of sports and entertainment. With its massive growth and increasing popularity, Esports has become a global industry worth billions of dollars, captivating millions of fans and players alike. Our student gamers are tapping into that energy, excitement, and innovation in mind blowing ways.

AAS started our Esports team during the pandemic when we first joined a league of around 15 schools who shared a passion for gaming and friendly competition. Over the last year, members of our team have since taken responsibility for organizing and leading tournaments, innovating new game modes, and even learning computer coding languages in order to design entirely new worlds for international, competitive gameplay.

Watching our team grow in their skills, teamwork, communication, problem solving, and leadership has been inspirational. Their journey has been nothing short of extraordinary: on the road from humble beginnings to world champions, our AAS gamers have learned invaluable lessons, achieved remarkable successes, and developed lifelong skills and connections. The team will resume in September and we invite any middle or high schoolers who are interested in this experience to join us: there is no previous experience required, just an attitude for growth and a positive spirit.

Contact the AAS Esports coach for more information: Dr. Matt Horne, mhorne@aas-sofia.org

AAS Esports gamers who have played and grown with the team over the past year:

  • Alan M (Rocket League Captain)
  • Alina S
  • Asher H (Core Gamer)
  • Benjamin B (Team Captain, Game Designer, Core Gamer)
  • Cana O (Core Gamer)
  • Charles P (Core Gamer)
  • Evan D
  • Georgi M
  • Jonah H (Core Gamer, Streamer)
  • Leonard B (Core Gamer)
  • Matan K
  • Matthew B(Core Gamer)
  • Noah H (Team Captain, Game Designer, Streamer, Core Gamer)
  • Pol R (Core Gamer)
  • Taus M
  • William B (Core Gamer)
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