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AAS recent graduates share their experiences

Just before the winter break we were visited by some of our recent graduates – from Class of 2015 and 2019.

Alumni Hannah Proulx, Lilly Weisert, Essa Godding, Gaby Stanislavova, Nicole Ilieva and Petya Yordzheva shared their university experiences with our current High School students at assembly.

Although the girls study a broad variety of subjects (Medicine, Theatre, Communications) they all agreed on some points of life after school.

‘It is not easy to learn to manage your time and money by yourself, so enjoy the time while your parents are taking care of you’, Petya noted.

Essa, who graduated in 2015 and is currently studying for a Masters degree, assured the students that there is no shame in switching to a different university course if you find you do not like your initial choice. She also highlighted the role of friendship and the support network to go through the various challenges of living away from home.

It was great to hear from the graduates that, after having gone through the rigorous IB course at AAS,  they are more confident and well prepared for the academic assignments they are currently facing.

Time was short and the alumni had a lot to share, we hope we meet them again soon to chat about their experiences and successes.


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