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AAS Wolves Esports Team Wins World Championship

Congratulations to our AAS Wolves Esports team! Last night, they won the world championship of the International Schools Esports League. All season, our Esports team played against other schools from around the world and never lost a single match. They finished the season undefeated and introduced countless new strategies, tactics, and surprising additions to the game. The team members who attended most practices and were part of the championship team include:

👤Player02 – Jonah, Grade 8
👤Player05 – Cana, Grade 10 (Coaches Award)
👤Player07 – Noah, Gade 12 (Captain & MVP Award)
👤Player08 – Pol, Grade 10
👤Player13 – Evan, Grade 8
👤Player14 – Ben, Grade 10 (Co-captain)
👤Player15 – Will, Grade 9

The League includes schools from Bulgaria, Serbia, North Macedonia, Russia, Kuwait, UAE, South Africa, Germany, Spain, Poland, South Korea, and USA. Games are played on a custom Minecraft map designed for competitive Capture the Flag. AAS’ Esports team, like other AAS teams, holds multiple practices per week. Unlike other teams, Esports players practice in the evenings while communicating via Discord from home.

There were many exciting moments this season and all games were live streamed so the highlights can be enjoyed anytime. Here are just a few great moments from this season worth watching:

🧱Setting up a new ring defense against LFNY, USA – 18:55
🔥Burning an enemy base to the ground against Curro, South Africa – 55:14
🤔Last minute scoring by banking multiple flags against LFNY, USA – 1:05:38
😲318 points in 10 seconds in championship against UHS, South Africa – 18:58
🔮Creating nether portal teleportation in championship against UHS, South Africa – 51:51
😂Jumping into own lava defense to score in championship against UHS, South Africa – 1:16:41
❤️Final interview with AAS team at the end of the season – 1:31:09

The AAS Esports team will play again in the winter season and is open to all MS and HS students. Email Esports coach, Dr. Horne, if you are interested in joining the fun: mhorne@aas-sofia.org

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