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Alumni Spotlight: Antoni Konieczny

Introduce yourself in one sentence, please. 

I’m Antoni from Żoliborz, Poland and I studied at AAS for 3 years.

Can you tell us a little bit about your experience at AAS and what you love most about the school?

It was the antithesis of the school I had attended. To be able to pace around without finding I had just covered the entire school grounds within a couple of minutes was refreshing. So were the broad subject and extracurricular options. The football fields were easily the highlight, though—I firmly believe that no high-school experience is complete without those.

What do you think is the most important thing one has to learn at school?

It’s the place to pick up on the absurdities that surround us and set one’s priorities. Hopefully, one can also grow out of being a buffoon at this stage. However, it does serve a blessed few not to.

What have you found to be most surprising/unexpected about AAS?

I did not expect to find my people as quickly as I did once I’d mustered up the courage to look. The same goes for how willing my teachers and classmates were to help with my film and writing projects, always selflessly and often on their own initiative.

What are your plans? Do you feel prepared to face new challenges?

At the moment, I’m looking forward to university and my undergraduate degree at Lancaster. Afterward, perhaps the time will come for directing (slasher films, for A24, of course), maybe a little fantasy writing, or some film festival programming. A bit of all, if I’m lucky. AAS certainly equipped me with the confidence to chase these goals.

If Useful:
*extra film recommendations: Stardust by Matthew Vaughn, The Lost Daughter by Maggie Gyllenhaal, and most of the films that include werewolves
**a book recommendation: Salem’s Lot by Stephen King
***TV Shows: That ‘70s Show and Midnight Mass

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