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Bulgarian Festivities in March

Dear community,

March is a time when we honor Baba Marta in hopes for good weather. In olden times, shepherds would freeze up in the mountains with their flocks, because the sunny weather would easily turn to a snowstorm and the people along with the animals would be trapped there. Baba Marta is not only the embodiment of March, but also the very personification of spring, which for Bulgaria is a tough and unpredictable season. (https://dive-into-worldbuilding.blogspot.com/)

There are many traditions related to Baba Marta and the coming spring. In this issue of the Bulgarian Culture Corner you will find out more about them. Here is a video on how to make a martenitsa to give to your friends and family to wish them good health. 

In March we also celebrate our National Holiday – The Liberation of Bulgaria. On March 3, 1878, the Peace Treaty of San Stefano (a small town near Istanbul) was signed, which put an end to the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878 and marked the re-establishment of Bulgaria as a sovereign state. You will find more information in the slideshow. Here  you can read more about the epic battle of Shipka Peak, which was one of the most heroic and decisive battles during the war.

Another holiday to celebrate in March is International Women’s Day, which in Bulgaria is also Mother’s Day. It is on March 8th.

To add to the festivities of the month, this year Shrove Sunday or Sirni Zagovezni / Forgiveness Day falls on March 14th. On this day the main food is cheese and cheese pastry. Here is a recipe of how to make Banitsa with cheese.

Spring is near and we will be going outdoors more.We invite you to explore the beautiful revival town of Koprivshtitsa.
Have a wonderful start of spring!

The Bulgarian Culture Team

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