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Bulgarian Winter Holiday Dishes

Dear community,
In our last issue for this year, we focus on the yummy side of winter holidays in Bulgaria. Like elsewhere in the world the main focus of the winter holidays is around Christmas and the New Year. In addition there is a rich assortment of traditional holidays in the months of December, January and February that offer an insight to Bulgarian customs and superstitions. This is because the winter months offer a respite from the hard day-to-day work of rural life. It is a time for rest, celebrating and preparing for the fortunes of the New Year. In the slides, you will find a selection of traditional recipes for some of the holidays we celebrate in December and January. In Bulgaria, a period of fasting takes place before Christmas. It starts on November 15 and lasts up to and including December 24. A major exception to this rule is December 6, when St. Nicholas Day is celebrated and traditionally fish is eaten. On Christmas Day meat comes after a long time again on the table. Mostly pork or poultry, but also fish is traditionally very popular in Bulgaria. Bon Appetit!

This December, there will be a lot of opportunities to feel festive at one of the Christmas bazaars in Sofia. More information in the link.


The Bulgarian Culture Team


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