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Bulgaria’s Thracian Heritage

   This week’s book list from the Get to Know Bulgaria collection focuses on Thracian heritage, treasures and UNESCO sites in Bulgaria. Here are the titles. 

  • A guide to Thracian Bulgaria
  • Bendida and the Fox / Thracian fairy tales / Бендида и лисицата / Тракийски приказки
  • Световно наследство на България National Museum of History/ Catalogue
  • Моята първа книга за Траките / My first book about the Thracians 
  • Fifteen treasures from the Bulgarian lands / Петнадесет съкровища от българските земи
  • The Treasures of Bulgaria
  • Bulgarian folk costumes from Thrace / Български народни костюми от Тракия
  • Невероятните истории на съкровищата на БЪЛГАРИЯ / The amazing stories of Treasures from BULGARIA
  • Докосване до Сътворението / Touching the Creation

Enjoy! (credits: https://m.helikon.bg/, https://ipark.bg/, https://knizhen-pazar.net/ )

From the Bulgarian Culture Team


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