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Celebrating National Enlighteners Day

Every year on November 1st, Bulgaria celebrates the Day of the National Revival Leaders (also known as National Enlighteners Day). The day is devoted to educators, writers, and fighters for national liberation who preserved the spiritual values of the nation over the centuries.

As of 1st of November 1923, the day of national revival leaders was made an official holiday with a decree of Tsar Boris III (King Boris III) in honor of those visionaries who made a conscious effort to preserve the Bulgarian culture, establish a sense of national pride and lay the foundation for Bulgarian liberation.

The holiday was banned in 1945. The celebrations were resumed in 1992. November 1st was officially declared as National Enlighteners Day and is a day off for all state schools around the country.

The following slides were created by some of our Bulgarian Language students in ES to honor Bulgarian Enlighteners Day. Enjoy! 

The Bulgarian Culture Team


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