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Exploring Fortresses in Bulgaria

Dear community,

Spring is finally here and it is time to enjoy the sun and head to new adventures. What better time to explore Bulgaria than spring! In this issue we will take you on a journey through history and invite you to peek through the gates of castles in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is home to many stunning strongholds, each dating back to some period of Bulgaria’s history –  starting with the Thracians, and moving through Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman times. For tourists, castles in Bulgaria are not only a lesson in history but also visual treats; built on cliffs, rocks, hills, or in picturesque meadows, they offer breathtaking views to the area around them. Enjoy the presentation and find more on Bulgarian castles here and here

Spring is also the time of some of the most favorite holidays in Bulgaria. April 16th marks Lazarovden (St. Lazarus Day), followed by Tsvetnitsa (Palm Sunday) on the 17th. The following Sunday is Velikden (Easter), which this year falls on April 24th. Please enjoy a traditional dance by the Lazarki girls, performed on Lazarovden and a Kozunak recipe – the traditional Easter sweet bread that is made on Thursday, Friday or Saturday before Easter.

Happy spring!

The Bulgarian Culture Team

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