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Help us Build an Outdoor Learning Space

During last weekend’s PTO sponsored International Fair, a collaborative dream was unveiled for a new and exciting addition to the AAS campus; a fully accessible, environmentally conscious, outdoor alternative learning space.

A long time dream of the Hands On Green Stuff elective, it is exciting to see plans and designs begin to take shape. Imagine a space outside where students from Kindergarten through 12th grade alike are able to immerse themselves in an modular learning environment open to our beautiful outdoor campus where they may work on anything from plant germination to chemistry through cooking. Or, what about the prospect of SAT meetings held outside in a comfortable and invigorating space that changes the normal scenery and feel in order to facilitate critical thinking and a fresh mindset.

The outdoor learning space is the brainchild of our very own Ms. Krasi and features numerous design features that support inquiry, environmental awareness and learning. The space will consist of a fully functional modular indoor/outdoor setting that can be used rain or shine. The inclusions of a full kitchen, modular tables and stools, ample counter space, storage, white board and projector promise a flexible and adaptable environment well suited for a wide range of learning opportunities.

The current plan for the building itself is for the construction to consiste of a COB style construction which is both culturally significant and environmentally conscious. With the inclusion of a green roof, wind generator, and rain catchment, we continue AAS’ commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

We would like to extend a special thank you to Rebekah Horne for her unwavering support and exuberance, and to Eleftheria Patsika for her knowledge and skills in bringing the initial concept to fruition through design drawings and models.
We hope that the project piques your interest and that you will follow our progress and get involved as we work to include the whole community in our efforts towards the continuous growth and development of the Anglo American School of Sofia. Please reach out to us at iharrington@aas-sofia.org if you have ideas, resources, connections, or any other way to support this dream in becoming a reality for our children.

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