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How the StuCo Newsletter Started…

Among all other academic responsibilities and assignments, our Student Council (StuCo) have found the time to start publishing a monthly newsletter, shared with the student community.

The newsletter, which was launched in April 2020,  contains opinion pieces on various topics, student art and articles on global issues. Here is what the StuCo team says about their work: 

The sky was speckled with lightnings — a very appropriate atmosphere to accompany our screening that one evening as we were soon to discover. The movie ended, but the distress it brought to both of us lingered and so we knocked off a short review. The very next day our first newsletter was sent off. 
    We hadn’t realized the Newsletter’s full potential at first — we felt lucky enough to be able to just write. However, the more we did, the more mature we had become. With this maturity came new understanding: everyone in the AAS community had a unique voice and deserved their outlet to express it. 
We had both been editors in the Lux magazine and realized perfectly well the creative capacity of the student body. From that awareness originated our goal: we wanted to give the community a platform through which they could flourish as writers, journalists, and advocates.
    However, although the scope of the project has been gaining momentum with every new edition, we have stayed true to our beliefs. As such, our selection of topics is almost entirely spontaneous; we give our writers as much freedom as they need to explore ideas they are truly passionate about. 
We believe that individuality of each contributor is what makes our project valuable, but the editing and publishing processes also require a great degree of communication among us, the writers, members of the student council, and the high school administration. These joint efforts have meant that we can now celebrate a fairly long journey — we evolved from scribbling two articles to partnering with international charities like Amnesty International and the Kemper Human Rights Education Foundation, doing justice to the slasher movie genre, and exposing disturbing yet little-known stories, such as that of Argentine dictator Jorge Rafael Videla. 
    We are incredibly proud of the fact that the ninth edition of the Newsletter will soon stir up AAS’ mailboxes. However, nothing feels as rewarding as that other students have expressed their interest in carrying the project forward and we absolutely can’t wait to see the fruits of the new generation’s efforts. It is a part of the AAS now.

Members: Tomás, Antoni, Lola, Leandro, and Zehra 

Enjoy the issues listed below:

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