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London Alumni Reunion Success

Alumni reunion London 2019

For this Alumni reunion on February 16th in London, we decided to ditch the standard restaurant setting and go for something more adventurous and floatacious –>  a boat!

Of course, we were a bit worried that the weather in February might not comply or that the whole idea won’t work out as we imagined it. Thankfully, the weather was in our favour, so much that people were on the deck all night long! The food was ready and waiting for us and everyone enjoyed eating Fish & Chips/ Veggie burger/Chicken & Chips…etc.

Once everyone had eaten and talked their hearts out, the dancing started. The DJ, playing anything your heart desired and you friends dancing along with you, maybe you even started reminiscing about high school clubbing nights. Anywhere you went on the boat you saw people catching up after years of silence, gulping down all that their friends had to share about their life and sharing all the exciting things that have happened since leaving AAS. People were hungry for information! Everyone wanted to know what everyone had been up to! 

We want to say thank you to all the Alumni that came out to our reunion, flying in from all over the world, to our first comers and to our loyal alumni who enjoy each one of our reunions! Until next time, adios!


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