About us


AAS proudly serves not only the international community, but also local, internationally minded Bulgarian families in Sofia who appreciate the value of an independent international education. With almost 600 students, aged 4 to 19, from around 50 countries, we offer an international and multi-sourced curriculum that is concept-driven and inquiry-based.

Mission &

Our Mission & Core Values provide the inspiration and foundation for all that we do and seek to achieve.
We engage, support and prepare each student for today and tomorrow by:

  • Fostering a love of learning, healthy living and international community
  • Developing the knowledge, skills and values to communicate, find solutions and innovate
  • Enhancing critical thinking, resourcefulness and creativity
  • Cultivating leadership, compassion and responsible citizenship in both attitudes and actions
  • Nurturing the abilities to interact effectively with others and to act independently with confidence

Our Core Values


  • Academics, athletics, arts, service and sustainability collectively support our mission.
  • We believe that learning is a lifelong journey that is transformative, collaborative and explorative.
  • We appreciate and celebrate that the achievements of our holistic approach promote continuous growth.
  • We are dedicated to the belief that we have a responsibility to embrace and seek out diverse perspectives and ideas.
  • Self-awareness, willingness to push beyond limitations, and the desire to see things through to completion contribute to intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being.


  • Integrity, empathy, mutual respect and consideration, and an ethical environment commensurate with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights support our mission.
  • We believe that embracing a mix of cultures, talents, experiences and socioeconomic diversity makes AAS an authentic and fulfilling place in which to learn.
  • We model and help others model respect for all of our community members.
  • We appreciate and celebrate people as individuals with unique talents and abilities.
  • Wisdom and caring promotes the development of attitudes, values, self-regulation, relationships and responsible citizenship.


  • Challenging, authentic and connected curricula, programs and assessments draw on the best international practices, help students develop the IB Learner Profile traits.
  • We believe in encouragement, perseverance, cooperation, acceptance of individual responsibilities, and the provision of diverse and engaging learning opportunities for students.
  • We understand that we are models for others and seek to embrace and live the ethos of being an open-minded, kind and caring community member.
  • We appreciate and celebrate that successful learning and achievement takes many forms.
  • Graduates leave AAS with confidence and an understanding of the role they may play in shaping the future.