Our campus

Our Campus

Nestling in the foothills of Mount Vitosha, our school is situated on a state of the art campus,
which covers a plot of land of almost 8 hectares.

70% of the total AAS land is green.
The campus as a whole comprises of:

The Balkan Wing for Elementary School

The Vitosha Wing for Secondary School

The Rila Renaissance Centre for the Arts which has a theatre, music, creative art spaces and the school Welcome Suite.


AAS is very proud to have won several top ecological and environmental building awards with Leadership in
Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

We take energy conservation seriously. To minimize electrical power consumption the school has been designed to maximise the use of natural light and classrooms are equipped with occupancy sensors which turn off the lights automatically when not in use. Solar panels are used for heating the hot water as much of the year as possible and the Rila Renaissance Centre is heated by
using agricultural waste materials.

AAS has its own waste water treatment plant to allow us to recycle and reuse water. To minimize the use of potable water the school is designed to collect rainwater in special reservoirs and use it to flush the toilets in the secondary building and to
irrigate the school green areas.

Campus Map

Nothing beats seeing our stunning campus in person, but we welcome you to view our building, grounds and
facilities via our interactive campus map.


Sports Field

The big sports field is the centre of many activities. As well as soccer tournaments, it also is the scene of sports day, SummerFest, PE lessons, a charity cricket match and where students try out their camping skills. It is also home to our two resident storks!


The pond and the area around it become our outdoor classroom as well as being a peaceful feature of the campus.

Black Top and Playground

The blacktop is both an elementary sports and play area. There are also several of our equipped playgrounds around that area. It is also used for the SummerFest and Welcome Back Barbecue.

Balkan Gym

The Balkan Gym is large, bright and airy and used by the Elementry students for their regular indoor PE lessons. It boasts a climbing wall and is also marked out for several types of sport including basketball.

ES Art Room

The Elementary art room is large and sunny, and where the ES arts specialist introduces the children to many different visual art forms. Here the children can throw their own clay creations on the pottery wheel and fire them in the kiln.

ES Science Lab

The ES science lab is where students learn about nature and the workings of the world. This enables them to conduct simple (but often messy) experiments in safety and in a purpose-built environment.

Grades 4/5 Classrooms

The Elementary classrooms are all big, light and airy and flexible so that furniture can be moved to adapt to the lesson taking place. In some grades, the children had a hand in designing the spaces to include a relax area for reading etc.

Early Years (PreK-Kindergarten) Rooms

The Pre-School (Pre-K) and Kindergarten classrooms have different zones to enable the children to undertake different activities throughout the day. They are specifically arranged to allow our youngest children to feel comfortable, cosy and safe, in what for many is their first experience of being away from their parents for the whole day.

Dance Studio

AAS has its own purpose-built dance studio with a sprung wooden floor and mirrored walls. It is here that the dedicated dance specialist teaches dance classes to each Elementary grade and where various after school dance activities take place.

ES Reception

The Elementary reception area is a bustle of motion at various points of the day. Here you will also find all the flags representing the nationalities of the student body and our 50th Anniversary time capsule in an art installation. This is where the Elementary children come into school to go to classes but also where parents congregate at pick up time to meet their children.


The school has an award-winning catering company that provides hot meals and snacks for the entire student body and staff, with all food prepared by expert chefs on site. All but the very youngest children eat their lunch - whether brought from home or from the school cafeteria - in either the green (elementary) or red (secondary) cafes.


The Atrium is at the very centre of the school. Here you will find the library and the Parent Teacher Organisation (PTO). We use the space for art exhibitions and charity fundraising activities. It's also where children hang out to play board and card games at lunchtime.


The library is at the heart of the school and is a Pr-K-12 resource and study space. The library is a very modern asset, constantly updated with both online and written material and the full-time librarian and assistant are experts in their field and always available to help. Elementary students have at least one lesson a week in the school library. Area used for secondary relaxation and private study.

Middle and High School Space

The Vitosha Wing building with its huge windows and wide corridors was opened in 2012 and gives the secondary students (Middle and High School) their own entrance and learning environment.

MS/HS Classrooms

Modern, versatile and flexible in their use, the Middle and High School classrooms are comfortable and airy, enabling learning at its best.


One of the favorite places on the campus for everyone, the amphitheatre is where all-school assemblies are held when the weather is fine and our famous flag ceremony is held on the first and last days of the school year. You will often find staff and students alike sitting on the steps just enjoying the sunshine.

Secondary Science Lab

The secondary school has several science labs. All are fully equipped with the latest safety equipment so that sophisticated experiments in chemistry, physics and biology can be conducted.

Vitosha Gym

The huge Vitosha Gym is home to AAS' competitive sports teams (The Wolves) so is affectionately known as The Wolf Den. It is in constant use for Secondary School PE classes and hosts sports tournaments both for local and international participants. The Vitosha Gym is in our Secondary School wing of the school, closest to Mt. Vitosha.

Visitors Centre Reception

The visitor's welcome centre is located in the new Rila Renaissance Centre and is a place where prospective families can have a confidential chat before being shown around the rest of the school. Like the rest of the school, the visitors area is light, bright and airy

Choir/Band Room

In the new Rila Renaissance Centre you will find all things musical for secondary students. It has purpose-built, acoustically excellent rooms specifically for choir and band practices and small performances, as well as smaller, soundproof rehearsal rooms for private music practice.

Black Box Theatre

The new Black Box Theatre for the secondary students is housed in the Rila Renaissance Centre. This is where a lot of drama and theatre rehearsal takes place and where smaller, theatrical performances happen in a more intimate environment.


The Rila Theatre has 344 seats and is equipped with the very latest in professional sound and light equipment. The seats are retractable, which allows the space to be used for various meetings, conferences, activities and events. With such a large, flexible space the opportunities for use are endless. And the surrounding landscaped areas are just as attractive and appealing as the inside.

Visual Art/Video Graphics Rooms

This green room houses the video/graphic design classes. These suite of rooms enable secondary students the very best in environments to hone their visual and graphic arts talents. Equipped with the very latest technology in rooms with the best light.

1. Sports Field
2. Pond
3. Black Top and Playground
4. Balkan Gym
5. ES Art Room
6. ES Science Lab

7. Grades 4/5 Classrooms
8. Early Years (PreK-Kindergarten) Rooms
9. Dance Studio
10. ES Reception
11. Cafeteria
12. Atrium

13. Library
14. Middle and High School Space
15. MS/HS Classrooms
16. Amphitheatre
17. Secondary Science Lab
18. Vitosha Gym

19. Visitors Centre Reception
20. Choir/Band Room
21. Black Box Theatre
22. Theatre
23. Visual Art/Video Graphics Rooms