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New Student Council team elected

This week at High School Assembly the newly elected leaders of the HS Student Council were announced. 

Matteo A. is appointed President, Trey W. – Vice President, Vasila C. – Secretary and Shon G.- Treasurer.

Matteo’s election as a StuCo President is more than logical – he has been at AAS for 12 years and being an Italian, living in Bulgaria, can truly understand both the local and international perspective. 

The new StuCo team have set themselves some pretty ambitious goals. Some of the focus areas, pointed out by Matteo in his election speech include: working with the cafeteria team to provide healthier breakfast options, providing a better vending machine, fixing the water fountains around the campus and making the study hall room more comfortable and cosy. To add to that, the team will work for a more efficient use of ‘Wolf Pack’ time clearer policy for CEESA Events.

We wish the new StuCo team a successful mandate!

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