Our Admissions Policy is designed to ensure that enrollment is consistent with the purpose of the school and the needs of both applicants and the existing student body.

In addition to the above, the school takes into consideration policies relating to class size, language support, demographics, special needs and the school’s aim for the student body to comprise of two-thirds international and one-third Bulgarian students.

Provided that age and special needs requirements are met, priority is given to applicants in the following order:


Children of employees of the American and British Embassies and related agencies.


Children of American and British citizens
a. Children with American or British citizenship.


Children of employees of other diplomatic missions.


Children of parents with other international citizenship
a. children with other international citizenship


Bulgarian nationals
a. children with siblings currently studying at AAS
b. children of AAS Alumni
c. children who have been studying in other countries at other international schools
d. children currently studying in Bulgaria