Financial Assistance is available for AAS families who meet the eligibility criteria listed below and who successfully complete the application process.
Decisions regarding financial assistance are made by a committee composed of representatives from the AAS Board and the AAS Administration.

  • Application and Notification

    Financial assistance requests or renewals must be received by April 15 for the following academic year.

    Applications may be considered throughout the year on an “as needed” basis for those faced with unanticipated financial difficulties. A cover letter explaining the details of the circumstances requiring financial assistance must accompany the application. Incomplete applications and/or those lacking supporting documentation, will not be considered.

    For applications submitted by the April 15 deadline, the committee will notify each applicant, confidentially, of any decision by mid May. Families applying for Financial Assistance are expected to indicate that they are returning to AAS in the upcoming year by the deadline given in the annual Re-enrolment Survey.

  • Application and Notification

    • Up to 50% of current tuition and fees can be awarded to any one student, but no family may be awarded an amount in excess of the equivalent of one high school tuition;
    • Financial Aid is granted for a two-year period per family;
    • Families may reapply for Financial Aid after each two-year period.
  • Ineligibility Criteria

    • Financial assistance will not be awarded to families that receive tuition reimbursement from a sponsoring employer (e.g. embassies, NGO, private business) or any other allowance that offsets tuition and fees (e.g. grants or other sources of financial assistance);
    • Families owing current or prior year tuition are also ineligible for financial assistance under this program;
    • Families who fail to meet their financial obligations in the academic year in which they receive the Financial Assistance, may lose their aid;
    • Assistance is not available to families whose drop in income is determined to be of a short-term nature.
  • Loss of Financial Aid

    The School may place any student receiving aid on probation for one semester for failing to meet academic and/or behavioral expectations. Assistance will be reduced proportional to the time that students are on probation. The Financial Assistance Committee may reinstate the assistance when the student demonstrates or achieves stated standards.

  • Documentation

    Parents/guardians applying for financial aid must provide the following documents to the Financial Assistance Coordinator:

    • the last three years of their national income tax returns;
    • bank letters showing current bank balances on all bank accounts (self or joint) over which the applicants have signing authority;
    • a list of all other assets owned by either/both parental applicants, and their current valuation;
    • a written explanation as to what factors beyond the applicant parents’ control prevent them from paying tuition without recourse to financial aid, their plan for when they expect to be able to bear tuition costs without recourse to financial aid and why they cannot have recourse to their own assets (including the possibility of loans) to pay for tuition.

    Failure to disclose all assets will result in the denial of the application and/or the suspension of any financial aid granted

  • Conflict of Interest

    Any person who has a direct financial interest in an application for financial aid shall be barred from the entire application review and approval process on any level. Members of the AAS Board may apply for financial aid.