Tuition & fees

Investing in your in your child’s education is an investment in their future and we take our responsibility in that journey very seriously.

When you choose to invest in an AAS education, you are choosing to offer your child a dynamic academic environment where students are known, challenged, and inspired. A truly international experience where students experience invaluable opportunities to connect with their community and earn the confidence to share their voice.
Whether you will be with us for just a couple of years, or for the whole of your child’s school life, there is genuine long term value in choosing AAS – a school that invests as much in your student’s future as you do.

School Fees 2024-2025

Whether you are an internationally mobile family, or have your roots here in Bulgaria, we appreciate that selecting a school for your child represents not just an emotional decision, but a financial one too.

Our fee structure is broken down into 4 parts: Tuition Fee, Capital Fee, Registration Fee and an Entrance Capital Fee for new students. The Capital, Registration & Entrance Capital Fees are the same for all Grades, whereas Tuition is a variable fee according to school grade. Additional fees such as exam entrance, school trips etc. are also applicable.

Annual Tuition Fee



Kindergarten – Grade 5


Grade 6 – Grade 8


Grade 9 – Grade 12


Entrance & Capital Fees

Capital Fee


Entrance Capital Fee (new students only)


Registration Fee



Kindergarten – Grade 5


Grade 6 – Grade 8


Grade 9 – Grade 12


Total Fee for New & Returning Students

Total New Students

Total Returning Students



€ 14,335

Kindergarten – Grade 5


€ 23,706

Grade 6 – Grade 8


€ 25,239

Grade 9 – Grade 12


€ 26,728

TOTAL Fees (New Students) = Tuition + Entrance Fee + Capital Fee + Registration Fee

TOTAL Fees (Returning Students) = Tuition + Capital Fee

School Bus Services (Optional)

Full School Bus Service Fee


Part Time Bus Service Fee (only morning or afternoon) – 0.65% of the annual fee


10% discount for a third child using the bus service.

This is an optional fee for those students wishing to make use of the school bus service to and from the campus.

Learning Support Fees (paid annually)

Level 1

No Fee

Level 2

The student has been formally diagnosed with a learning disability, has a complete Individualized Education Plan (IEP), and regularly receives direct support from a qualified special educator.


Level 3

In addition to the above, the student is supported with one-on-one instruction by a LS Teacher or Learning Support Assistant (LSA).


Level 4

All of the above, and additionally an individual full-time Learning Support Assistant assigned to support them, has a substantial and modified curriculum, and may receive highly specialized instruction in a differentiated classroom.


EAL Support (paid once)

The EAL program is a requirement of enrollment for all new students in Grades 1-12 who qualify for services as determined by the WIDA test. This fee is not recurring and they will not be charged again if they continue in the EAL program for a second year.


  • Additional Fees

    Additional school fees cover additional services, such as, but not limited to: external examination fees, graduation fees, yearbook, the cost of transportation for athletic, arts or activity trips.

    Such fees may be assessed in either EURO €, US $ or Bulgarian Leva BGN and will be paid in cash at the cashier’s office or via bank transfer.

  • Partial Year Enrollment or Early Withdrawal

    Registration and entrance and annual capital fees are non-refundable. Tuition fees are refundable on a prorated basis by payment as follows,

    Student enrolled 1 – 45 school days of a semester: tuition is prorated on a daily basis.

    Student enrolled 46 – 90 school days of a semester: 100% of the semester’s tuition is charged.

    Please note that a semester is 90 school days (this excludes weekends and holidays).

  • Invoices

    Tuition invoices for the school year will be issued to the billing address specified by parents on their child’s Admission Application.
    The first payment will be due by June 20 prior to the start of the new school year.
    You will receive two invoices, issued in May (for the 1st Semester of next school year), with a due date of June 20, and in the beginning of December (for 2nd Semester), with a due date between January 22-26.
    If there is an unpaid balance, parents will receive periodic statements reflecting the current balance owed, accumulated surcharges and any payments made to date. It is always the responsibility of the parent to ensure payments are made when due.

    Registration, Entrance and Capital Fees are to be paid in their entirety by the June 20 payment date.

    There will be a late fee charge of €250.00 for any payments made after July 1st and 10% surcharge for any payments made after September 1st for the 1st semester invoices issued in May. If payment is not received by the 10th day of the school year, the student will not be permitted to attend school until full payment is received.

    There will be a late fee charge of €250.00 for any payments made after February 1st for the 2nd semester invoices issued in December.
    If payment is not received by February 15, the student is not permitted to attend school until full payment is received.

    Payment in EURO cash is only possible in exceptional circumstances, and with the prior agreement of the Business Manager and approval by the school Director.

    Please be aware that all bank transfer fees, foreign exchange commissions or other fees charged by a bank on a transaction are the payer’s responsibility and cannot be deducted from school fees.

    Please contact the Business Office at for bank transfer details.