AAS Diploma Program

The Anglo-American School of Sofia offers a fully recognised US High School Diploma, as AAS is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). All students who pursue the IB diploma are automatically and simultaneously following the AAS High School Diploma.

The AAS High School Diploma and the IB Diploma are two separate qualifications.The AAS High School Diploma is an educational pathway for students in their last two years of secondary school, which provides students with a fully recognised US High School Diploma. It is flexible, academically challenging and balanced, and seeks to prepare students for success at university or in their other career aspirations.

The AAS High School Diploma empowers students to choose from a range of courses that best connect with their academic interests and capabilities. Students enrolled in the AAS High School Diploma will work with their College and Careers Counselor to determine the courses and extracurricular experiences required to best ensure they are prepared and eligible to excel in their chosen future pathway.

  • Courses & Schedules

    AAS High School Diploma students will choose from a range of courses within the IB catalog, but also courses outside the IB offerings (ie English 11 and Math 11). Because students choose from courses to ensure they satisfy High School credit graduation requirements (see below), once they have satisfied minimum requirements, they have flexibility to choose multiple courses within a subject area (ie Economics AND Business) to satisfy their interests.

    A sample schedule for a AAS High School Diploma student could be:

    Student A

    • English 11 and English 12
    • Math 11 and Math 12
    • IB Psychology (2 year)
    • IB Geography (2 year)
    • IB Environmental Systems and Societies (2 year)
    • IB Theatre (2 year)

    Student B

    • English 11 and English 12
    • Math 11 and Math 12
    • IB Geography (2 year)
    • IB Chemistry (2 year)
    • IB French (2 year)
    • Online Course

    Senior Project and CAS (Creativity, Action, and Service)

    Students in the AAS High School Diploma will have opportunities to research and produce a cumulative project, as well as demonstrate their dedication to creativity, action, and service. For these two opportunities, in the AAS High School Diploma, AAS (in coordination with the student) determines the scope and expectations of student achievement.

    To find out more about the AAS High School Diploma and what it can offer, please contact our College and Career Counselor.

  • AAS Graduation Requirements

    Subject Areas





    English 9, English 10, English 11,
    English 12 IB Literature or Language
    and Literature



    Math 9, Math 10, Math 11, IB Math Analysis and Approaches or Applications and Interpretation



    Science 9 (Chemistry, Physics, Biology), Science 10 (Chemistry, Physics, Biology), IB Chemistry or Physics or Biology or Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS)

    The Arts


    Visual Art, Graphic Design, Music, Theatre, Dance, Choir

    World Language


    French I or Spanish I or Bulgarian Mother Tongue, French 2 or Spanish 2 or Bulgarian Mother Tongue, IB French or IB Spanish or IB Bulgarian Lang. & Lit., IB ab German

    Physical Education


    PE 9, PE 10

    Senior Project


    Comprises three components: CAS, Independent Project, TOK.

    Social Studies


    Social Studies 9, Social Studies 10, IB History or IB Geography or IB Business & Management or IB ESS

    Other Electives


    Design and Technology, Media Studies, Global Politics, Forensic Fundamentals, Creative Writing, Theater Technology



    Specific details pertaining to the Senior Project:

    • CAS: non-IB diploma students are required to complete one CAS project that runs for a minimum of 1 trimester. This project must include a service component and must be agreed to by the CAS coordinator
    • Independent Project: Students are required to complete a 2000 word research essay or equivalent project. All students are expected to attend the scheduled Core class where essay writing skills are taught. All projects must include a research component
    • TOK: Theory of Knowledge remains mandatory for all students for the first two trimesters of grade 11. This allows all students exposure to this philosophical foundational subject. Students are required to successfully complete/ pass the two trimesters for graduation