ES English Language

In support of our mission, we believe that every teacher is a language teacher working towards empowering our K-12 students to acquire multi-modal literacy through use of various modes of communication and meaning-making systems.

Through our inquiry-based approach to literacy, students acquire the transformative skills, knowledge, and perspectives that prepare them to be reflective and caring global citizens. In our K-12 language arts program, we seek to nurture the love of language arts and focus on the process of effective communication through reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

We create authentic opportunities for students to engage in topics critically, creatively, and collaboratively, cultivating life-long learners of language.
Language arts instruction in the elementary school is designed to develop students’ literacy through a student-centered and balanced approach. Through the workshop model, students engage in a variety of experiences aimed at increasing understanding and developing competent readers, writers, and communicators.

The K-5 language arts program is guided by the Common Core Standards and is divided into four distinct sections: Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening, and Language.