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Bulgarian As a Mother Tongue

Bulgarian as a mother tongue at AAS is a balanced and well-adapted learning program that allows students to develop their speaking, reading, and writing skills in the Bulgarian language.

The curriculum supports and respects international students’ specific needs and learning styles, and it is partially linked to the content of the national curriculum. We also welcome every student who wants to expand their knowledge about Bulgarian culture and traditions.

The students’ knowledge is increased through fun learning activities, crafts, and building a tight-knit community where every child matters.

Bulgarian As a Foreign Language

Bulgarian language is one of the most beautiful, rich and vivid Slavic languages.

Learning Bulgarian as a new language gives students the opportunity to dive into ancient culture and traditions. It also helps to make connections to other Slavic languages.

Living in Bulgaria, there are many benefits to learning Bulgarian, from getting around freely to making new friends. It is fun and useful to learn the language of the host country and enjoy using it on a daily basis.


French is an international language spoken on the five continents.

Learning French opens up and enriches the mind and gives numerous opportunities to become a citizen of the world.

A French lesson is not just a linguistic journey, but also a cultural one in which each student is an important participant. French is a language that is fun and beneficial to learn.


Spanish is the fourth most common language in the world after English, Chinese and Hindi.

Studying Spanish at AAS connects students to rich Latin cultures around the world. Spanish classes in elementary are appropriate for students with all different levels of readiness. Lessons focus on listening, speaking, and meet students where they are related to reading and writing.

Learning Spanish is fun and prepares children for life as a part of a global community.