Middle School Arts

The K-10 Anglo-American School of Sofia Arts Learning Program is based upon the National Core Arts Standards (NCAS). All units of study are developed using the NCAS. The following four Reporting Standards (Reportables) are used to communicate student progress and achievement.

  • Creating: Conceiving and developing new artistic ideas and work.
  • Presenting: Realising artistic ideas and work through interpretation and presentation.
  • Responding: Understanding and evaluating how art conveys meaning.
  • Connecting: Relating artistic ideas and work with personal meaning and external context.


Music education is an agent for the recognition, preservation, refinement and transmission of cultural heritage. Through the study of music, students gain the knowledge, values and creative expression of different cultures. This helps to increase their cultural understanding of the world.

In middle school, students are engaged in gaining instrumental skills, performing, and responding to music in their daily lives. They are active participants in a variety of projects to develop the creative aspects in music as well as teamwork and collaboration.


Through the study of Theatre, students will develop a greater understanding of their world and its rich cultural history. Students’ individual talents are developed as they create, refine, perform and reflect using the language of artistic expression.

In middle school, students build their experience, knowledge, and application of the elements, foundations, acting techniques, and skills through their theatre education experience. In addition, theatre is an interconnected component of literacy and communication.

Visual Arts

Through a strong Visual Arts program students have opportunities to become more aware of their environment and their relationship to it; to gain knowledge of techniques and skills; to enjoy and appreciate their own art and that of others; and to make interactive studies of some aspects of art history.

In middle school, students extend, expand, and deepen their previous understanding of, and make choices to create artwork using the elements, principles of design, and foundations of visual arts. They do this using various media, genres, styles, and techniques.