MS Bulgarian Mother

Multilingualism is not only a fact in a majority of learning communities, but also a right and a potential resource. The international education encourages the mother tongue development and the provision of a broad range of language learning opportunities, and fosters intercultural awareness and international mindedness. These two qualities provide students with skills and attitudes necessary for success in the 21st century.

In support of AAS mission – to engage, support, and prepare each student for today and tomorrow, we believe that the development of each student’s mother tongue is essential.
The acquisition of the mother tongue language is a lifelong process and the skills and knowledge gained in it are transferable to other school subjects in international curriculum. To support that philosophy, we currently provide Bulgarian Mother Tongue Program to all AAS students who are fluent in Bulgarian language.

The Bulgarian Mother Tongue Program is a balanced and well-adapted learning program which allows students to develop their skills in speaking, reading and writing in Bulgarian language. The curriculum mapping supports and respects the specific needs and learning styles of the international students, and it is partially linked to the content of the national curriculum. The program is offered to international students who wish to gain support and develop speaking, writing and analytic skills in mother tongue, and to expand the knowledge about the Bulgarian culture – in particular history, geography, folklore and national character. It is planned as a skill-based program which is considered as general language and literacy. The curriculum emphasizes on the precise oral and written use of language.

The language acquisition is achieved by methods which encourage thinking, exploring, and giving a more clear vision on the structure of the language. As the program advances, it seeks to encourage reflective and analytic explorations of literature. Students learn how to engage in independent literary criticisms and to express their ideas with clarity, coherence, conciseness, precision, and fluency in both written and oral communication. The course of study examines classic and modern works of literature. At all levels, BMT curriculum offers activities for deeper understanding of the Bulgarian national characteristics and features.