MS Electives

Singing & Music Technology

If you can talk then you can sing. This class will teach you how to discover your singing voice and what is the difference between speaking and singing. You will explore ensemble as well as individual singing through vocal training. Using note literacy will help you learn music faster, be able to accompany yourself while singing and maybe create simple melodies. Students will also learn about Music technology to create their own songs, record, manipulate, edit and produce a final product. This class is open to students at all levels of ability.

Course length: 1 Trimester

String Ensemble

Students will have the opportunity to begin, or continue building performance technique on string instruments such as violin, viola, violoncello and double bass. During rehearsals they will explore various repertoire, develop ensemble skills, and by supporting each other will prepare for the final concert. Students who participate in this class are encouraged to join the after school Orchestra. This class is open to students at all levels of ability.

Wind Ensemble

This group will accommodate students interested in learning to play woodwind and brass instruments such as but not limited to flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bassoon, french horn, trumpet, trombone, euphonium. During rehearsals they will explore various repertoire, develop ensemble skills, and by supporting each other will prepare for the final concert. Students who participate in this class are encouraged to join the after school Orchestra. This class is open to students at all levels of ability.

Courses Length: 1 Trimester

Percussion Ensemble

This class will provide a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental techniques and note literacy in order to be able to play keyboard and mallet percussion. Ukulele, guitar and bass are included in this class as well. The students will create original arrangements of familiar songs and pieces that will fit our ensembles. Learning to play an instrument in a fun and engaging way is always a great experience that will be shared with the school community. This class is open to students at all levels of ability.

Course Length: 1 Trimester

Theatre Company

Becoming a member of Theatre Company is an opportunity to improve further as a Theatre performer and practitioner. By working for the whole year in Theatre, there is time to develop your physical skills and explore different aspects and styles of performance, working in a large ensemble as well as developing scenes in small groups and pairs. There will be at least one scripted performance and one original piece devised by the company. You will also learn how to plan and support each other in creating these live shows. Theatre students will also have the opportunity to participate in a production.

Course Length: 1 Year

Theatre Technology

Students in the MS Theatre Technology elective will receive an introduction to sound, lighting, audio visual equipment and design for the stage. Students will learn basic technical theatre terminology and practically how to use the equipment. They will be expected to assist/work at school functions and events as this class will serve as the tech crew for some grade level and other school activities.

Course length: 1 Trimester

Video Editing

Creating video in today’s world is easy to do. A student only needs to open up a camera, point and shoot. Creating a film that is creative, watchable, tells a powerful story and uses a variety of artistic techniques is much more challenging, and of course, much more interesting. This course takes students from an individual able to push the record button, to someone who can work with a team, think artistically, leverage editing software, tell a story and produce a final product that is enjoyable to watch.

Course length: 1 Trimester

Creative Writing

Do you have a story to tell or an experience to share?  Do you enjoy writing as an outlet to express yourself?  This elective will give you the time, space, and guidance to master your creative writing and share it with authentic audiences. Peer Editing and discussions are used to help you hone your creative writing style and help you grow as an imaginative writer of fictional texts of any genre, length, or style.

Course length: 1 Trimester


The Dance elective aims to make you a better performer by developing your movement skills and dance experiences. This course is designed to prepare the dancers for dance competitions and dance festivals. Students will explore dance improvisation, contemporary techniques, hip-hop techniques, and acrobatics. Bring your creativity, imagination, persistence, and be prepared to try out lots of dance lifts and learn dance routines. There will also be a performance at the end of the year. This course is open to all students and levels.

Course length: 1 Trimester

Global Issues & Debate

Do you have an opinion and a voice that you want to be heard? This trimester long elective will give you a chance to explore a variety of global issues and to debate others, based on your own opinions and views. You will get to explore topics of your choice, and take part in interactive debates. This elective is guaranteed to make you more aware of the world, and will help develop those skills that are needed for success in such areas as Speech and Debate, MUN, or just proving to your friends and parents that you’re right!

Course length: 1 Trimester

Hands-on Green Stuff (HOGS)

During this trimester length course students will learn and apply environmental sustainable practices such as composting, sustainable food production, recycling, and conserving natural resources. Our base will be the AAS outdoor school gardens (T1, T3), as well as our indoor based Self-Reliance unit (T2). We will also collaborate with and visit local farms and gardens. We will explore and evaluate the current AAS school garden project and find ways to expand it, to incorporate new activities, as well as to inspire and educate others in the community to safeguard our natural resources.

Course length: 1 Trimester

Design & Technology

In design and technology you will use both practical and technological skills in conjunction with creative thinking to design and make products that serve a purpose or solve a problem using the design cycle.    You will learn to use Computer Aided Design (CAD) /Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)  technologies (3D printers and laser cutter), hand and power tools, and to consider the impact of future technological developments. The Arduino microcontroller will be the foundation for some basic electronics, circuitry and programming. You’ll be engaged in design challenges, solving problems as individuals and members of a team.

Course length: 1 Year

Coding & Robotics

In this elective we’ll explore EV3 programming, Lego building techniques, Engineering Lab activities (gearing, sliding, free-falling, climbing)  and explore the missions from past annual FLL challenges .  Students will be assessed in a variety of ways including: self-assessment, teacher feedback and assessment.

Course Length: 1 Trimester

Visual Art

During this year-long elective, Grades 7 & 8 will delve deeper into drawing, painting, sculpting and designing. The course will consist of subject matters that range in different styles and techniques. In addition, students will examine various visual artists and art forms via video and film and complete an independent project which will serve as the final assessment.

Course Length: 1 Year

3D Art

3D & Sculpture is an introductory course.  The course is designed to broaden the student’s concept of sculpture. A wide range of less familiar materials and techniques will be explored and utilized in the sculpture processes to encourage creative problem solving. Media will include clay/ceramics, wood, paper folding and the use of recycled materials.

Course Length: 1 Trimester

Graphic Design

Students will be introduced to everything from advertising and animation to photography and art. Students will learn about the evolution of art, the basic principles of art and design, and the fundamentals of photography. In addition, the student will begin to develop creative tendencies to start viewing art through this lens.

Course Length: 1 Trimester

Forensic Fundamentals

If you enjoy learning about how science helps solve mysteries, this is the elective for you. In this class you will get hands-on experience in the different fields of science used to collect and process evidence. We will see how crime investigation has evolved since the time of Sherlock Holmes to present day CSI.

Course Length: 1 Trimester

Math Circles

Math Circles are places where students and teachers get to engage with mathematically deep thinking presented in unique ways that encourage hands-on discovery. We tackle fun math challenges that any student will enjoy. This math group will explore the beauty and fun of math.

Course Length: 1 Trimester

Striking Games

Students will hone their hand-eye coordination skills throughout this trimester. It will include sports like spikeball, street racket, kick ball, table tennis, softball and baseball 5. When participating in the striking games, students will recognise the value of playing team games, learn how to design tournament brackets and referee games.

Course Length: 1 Trimester

Bulgarian Mother Tongue

This course is intended for native Bulgarians who wish to develop speaking, writing and analytic skills in their mother tongue, and to expand their knowledge of Bulgarian culture – in particular history, folklore and national character. It is planned as a skill-based program which also aims to “fill in the gaps” in Bulgarian language for academic use, in literature, history and culture which Bulgarian native students at AAS might have. In addition, the course will encourage reflective and analytic exploration of literature. Students will practice how to express their ideas with clarity, coherence, conciseness, precision and fluency, in both written and oral communication.  The course of study will examine classic and modern works of literature from Bulgarian authors, and will offer activities for deeper understanding of Bulgarian national characteristics and features. Students who elect Bulgarian will have opportunities to meet guest speakers, go on field trips and to plan, participate and host AAS Bulgarian Cultural events. Please do consult Ms. Rossi, your middle school counselor, as well as your parents when considering BMT! 

Course Length: 1 Year