MS Sample Overview –
Math Unit

Enduring Understandings

1. Mathemathical concepts are used in daily life.
2. A good understanding of math can make a difference in life.

Essential Questions

1. Why do we study math?
2. To what extent do i understand some basic concepts of math?
3. How does learning vocabulary related to Math help me at school?


See linked texts in the unit TEXT 1, TEXT 2, TEXT 3.
Divide the class into three groups. Each group reads one text. Students have to identify main ideas as well as how the text is related to math. Groups share findings at the end.

Introduce Main is fun and have student’s play’
with it for a while as it is a good site for EALs studying math. Show them some parts, for example, geometry. Click on triangles and show the different ones.

Listening & Viewing

See linked videos in unit plan. ‘Real life math’.


Discussion. Creating a one-minute video. (Introdusing the idioms).


Problem solution paragraph.


All vocabulary should be added to the vocabulary wall.
Handout 1, Handout 4.

Using Handout 3 work with word formation:
forming sound from adjectives and adjective, from nouns.
The handout will bring vocabulary specific to math and then it will be expanded into other areas.

Suffixes- introducing idioms (with numbers).


Present Perfect x Past Simple. Grammar review: countables and uncountable nouns.