MS Science

Middle school science is anchored in scientific inquiry and strong content. Each year students study three main units exploring large questions and seeking answers through experimentation and design.

Our standards are informed by the Next Generation Science Standards. And cover the general topics below:

Life Sciences

  • Cell function & Inheritance
  • Matter cycling
  • Ecology & human interaction

Earth Sciences

  • Earth systems & our solar system
  • Atmosphere, climate, & weather
  • Climate change and human impact

Physical Sciences

  • Waves & the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Matter & energy
  • Forces & motion

In Addition

In addition to the content that students learn, they will be challenged to think and act like scientists and engineers through activities that engage them to:

  • Design and evaluate plans for problems;
  • Gather and analyze data for investigations;
  • Create and explain models;
  • Communicate ideas using evidence;
  • Make connections to the world around them.