Elementary School

You will witness creativity around every corner at AAS. Our team of highly qualified specialists ensure that students are able to extend their creative thinking and expression through a range Visual and Performing Arts. Our inspiring new Rila Renaissance Centre also provides students a wonderful space in which to perform, design, create and get to grips with some amazing technology.

The AAS approach to the arts is highly practical and our students always work toward sharing their creativity at public events. They practice, rehearse, refine and reflect (as artists do) in order to show their best work.

We always perform, we always exhibit, we always recite; this becomes instinctive for AAS Arts students.


Uniquely, Dance is part of our curriculum throughout the Elementary School. We believe in the transformative power of Dance to energise, develop motor skills and improve focus. The Dance classroom is also a calm space to think creatively, to collaborate and to develop empathy with fellow performers.

Students will experience projects in Bulgarian Folk,
Hip-hop, Breakdance, Modern and Creative dance. In the early years, the focus is almost entirely somatic and then as the children grow, verbal explanation becomes more prominent. This evolving approach promotes the important reciprocal relationship between dance teacher and student.

As is our philosophy in the Arts at AAS, each period of study culminates in an exciting range of performances for the school and community.


The Anglo-American School has a well-balanced Elementary School Music program which is based on a combination of Orff-Schulwerk and Kodály approaches. Technology is also used as a tool to strengthen and enhance the scope of student learning. Through active participation in singing, playing instruments and movement, children learn about music’s range of forms, styles and traditions.

The Music program encourages students to explore their potential by providing opportunities for development of musical, artistic and performance skills. It also emphasizes concentration, creativity and cooperation.
As is our philosophy in the Arts at AAS, each period of study culminates in an exciting range of performances for the school and community.

In addition to the regular program, co-curricular choices include The Elementary School Choir and a Private Instrumental Program (keyboards, guitar, violin, drums and other instruments).

ES Visual Arts

In Visual Arts, students learn to observe, reflect and appreciate art and communicate through art.

Students gain skills in a variety of techniques and media. They are introduced to the visual elements of line, shape, color use, pattern, rhythm, texture, volume, composition.