Elementary School
Student life

Elementary After School
Activities (EASA)

Welcome to AAS Elementary after schools activities. We are providing your child with the opportunity to learn and develop skills in creativity clubs,dance, sports and many more.

Activities in ES are provided mostly by outside vendors and therefore there is additional fees for participation. Students will have the opportunity to sign up for different activities every trimester.

ES After School
Activity Program

Elementary students are encouraged from the earliest age to be involved in all the school has to offer and a big part of elementary life for students is the after school activity program.
Activities are offered in 3 seasonal blocks of 12 weeks and vary each season. They are led by expert instructors and AAS faculty and there is a small charge for the activities which is in addition to the school fees.
As the children mature and work their way up the grades in Elementary then other opportunities are opened up to them.

The activities offered include:







Rhythmic Gymnastics

Science Club





Student Ambassador

The ES Student Ambassador program is open to children in grades 4 and 5. The goals of the ES student ambassador program are to help welcome children and families to our AAS community and to support events to promote a sense of community in our school from PK to grade 5. During the year, the ambassadors plan and organize different activities for new families, present at assemblies, and carry out other tasks to promote a safe, respectful, responsible school community.

Student Council

Students from grades 1-5 can be elected to the Elementary Student Council, where they work to make the ES community a more fun place to be. They put forward suggestions and ideas on issues that matter to the students, help organize events such as the talent show and develop schemes to raise money for charity projects such as Water for South Sudan. Taking part helps make the students more confident with presenting and speaking to adults.

Service Learning

From the earliest age, students at AAS learn about those who are less fortunate than themselves and those that are in need. The children learn compassion and understanding of difference and how their actions such as fundraising activities can have a positive impact on others. They also learn how to be creative in their ideas and how to grow and develop schemes so they are effective. Some of the organisations they have worked with include charities supporting the blind, the disabled, refugees and animal shelters.