HS Arts & Design

Creativity abounds in the High School. Our talented instructional team of highly qualified specialists enable students to develop and extend their creative thinking and express themselves through a range of Visual and Performing Arts. The Rila Renaissance Centre is inspiring and provides students with an amazing space in which to perform, design, create and get to grips with some incredible technology.

The AAS approach to the arts is highly practical and our students always work toward sharing their creativity at public events. They practice, rehearse, refine and reflect (as artists do) in order to show their best work.

We always perform, we always exhibit, we always recite; this becomes instinctive for AAS Arts students.

HS Music

The High School Music elective class (Grades 9 / 10) gives opportunities to be creative, take risks and to “dive” into various musical experiences. Students develop instrumental skills necessary for ensemble and solo performance, together with knowledge of how to create a well-balanced concert program. The annual ‘HS Benefit Gig’ is one of the stages where they share their talents and find meaningful community connections.

Using traditional methods of musical composition, together with exploring the possibilities of music technology in our classes, students release their authentic album after visiting the professional recording studio and learning about the basics of Music production.

Our High School Choir is open for students from Grades 9-12 and is an ever-present at the annual CEESA Choir Festival. A private instrumental program (PIP) also runs after school for interested students. The PIP instructors are experienced professionals who follow the AAS core values.

HS Theatre & Performing

In High School, students work with greater independence and are challenged to devise their own theatre and perform more complex works.
Using a variety of explorative strategies, such as cross-cutting, marking the moment, hot-seating, narration and improvisation, students devise a lively public performance, presented at the end of a 3-day annual theatre festival. As these new tools are mastered, students practice organisational skills alongside their imagination and creativity by working extensively towards a major school production. The year culminates with a short-film project using scripts written by our partners in the Creative Writing elective.
In IB Theatre, students continue making and performing theatre with increasing complexity as they develop their knowledge of world theatre and its key practitioners. Not only must they become able performers, they should also regard themselves as practitioners, amassing a body of evidence to show their development as directors, designers, technicians and researchers.

There are additional acting opportunities in HS Speech & Debate club, which competes regularly in international competitions.

Literary Arts

LUX Светлина, is a literary arts magazine which features the creative talents of our high school writers and artists. Student editors from Grades 9-12 work with faculty advisors to select pieces for the magazine, which is published each spring.

For the past seven years, Lux has received an Award for Excellence from the National Council of Teachers of English, receiving the Highest Award in 2017 as one of the top 26 high school literary arts magazines.

HS Visual Arts

Visual Arts, students investigate and record the world around them. They create, design and communicate through art. They learn to observe, reflect and appreciate art.

Students explore different techniques and gain different skills in drawing, painting, selecting materials, using collage, rubbing, constructing, modeling and printing. They are also introduced to the visual elements and processes of line, shape, color use, pattern, rhythm, texture and volume.

Graphic Design

Digital arts explores the principles of design through project-based activities. A Design cycle guides the projects through identifying a needs, creative design development and product evaluation. Illustration, layout and photography are explored, culminating in the creation of the AAS yearbook.

As is our philosophy in the Arts at AAS, each period of study is completed with an exciting exhibit for the school and community.

Design & Technology

Students work on a combination of teacher determined projects and student proposed projects related to resistant materials, electrical systems, some programming, and control and monitoring. The Design Cycle is applied to their use of studio time.

When planning projects the elements of User, Purpose, Functionality, Design Decisions, Innovation and Authenticity must be considered.

Sharing out of learning and project progress is a critical component and will be scheduled regularly both in person and via a learning blog.