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The Athletics and Activities Program is an integral part of the educational process by providing students with opportunities to further develop their unique capabilities, interests, and needs beyond the classroom. Participation in these activities is a privilege offered to and earned by students. Participants are representatives of their school and community and their conduct is expected to exemplify high standards at all times.

The merits of competing as an individual or on a team or working together as an ensemble, the physical and social development, and skills attained, along with the increased maturity of working with and for others, are possible goals within the reach of every studen

HS Extra Curricular

The range of opportunities at the school is vast! Many clubs, teams and groups are organised internally by AAS staff – and often students – while other activities are linked to ‘CEESA’ (Central and Eastern European Schools Association). CEESA provides a competitive interscholastic athletic and activities program intended to enrich and enhance the educational experience of students.
This program plays a large part in the life of Middle & High School students. From music and culture to sport, festivals to tournaments and competitions, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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  • Athletic Code of Conduct

    Being a part of the Middle School and High School athletic experience requires commitment of time, energy and patience. A student-athlete has these responsibilities both on and off the field.

    • First and foremost is the responsibility to follow and adhere to all school policies;
    • Second, if a commitment is made to a sport, this commitment must be followed through to completion, as outlined in the afterschool program;
    • Showing respect and a positive attitude to the coaching staff, teammates and opponents is expected at all times;
    • As a player, students are not allowed to show displeasure with those officiating.
    • Students should be congenial and cordial to all officials;
    • Students should avoid conversations or actions that are negative toward the opposing team. Support should be in the form of positive acts toward both teams;
    • No swearing, crude comments or gestures are allowed;
    • Athletes representing AAS should conduct themselves in an appropriate manner in all situations.
  • Eligibility

    The Principal will determine athletic and activity eligibility. For students to participate in a practice, game or tournament, they must attend all classes the day of practice, game or tournament. Only pre-arranged planned absences will be permitted. The student-athlete must discuss pre-arranged absences with their coach/sponsor by 12:00 noon of the practice day. Students returning from a weekend sporting event must attend classes the next academic day or it will be considered an unexcused absence unless they have a note from their family doctor stating the nature of the illness.

    All classroom work missed while attending an athletic or activity event must be made up by the student. Students are eligible for athletics at AAS after the following are received by the MS/HS Athletic Director & Activities Coordinator:

    • A physical health card signed by a health professional and by the student’s parents giving permission to participate;
    • Student and parent knowledge and signatures regarding this Athletic Conduct Code,
    • which can be obtained from the athletic office or MS/HS office;
    • A form indicating parent’s understanding of hosting obligations in relation to CEESA events and activities.
  • Student Activity Leadership Team S.A.L.T

    Developing leadership and advocacy skills SALT leaders assist with initiatives and events in the High School particularly around the athletics & activities and hosting program.

    Students are involved in community efforts and promotion of the various athletics programs at AAS, including designing athletic gear and sponsoring charity events.


Most activities are linked to ‘CEESA’ (Central and Eastern European Schools Association), while others are organised internally by AAS staff. CEESA provides a competitive interscholastic athletic and activities program intended to enrich and enhance the educational experience of students. This program plays a large part in the life of Middle & High School students. From music and culture to sport, festivals to tournaments and competitions, there is something for everyone to enjoy.
Check out the range of both CEESA and AAS opportunities below – and remember, new ones pop up every year!

HS CEESA Activities
and Athletics Tournaments

Speech and Debate

AAS competes in the HS Speech and Debate CEESA competition each year. The team consists of 10 students who are allowed to compete in a maximum of 2 events.

The events are Impromptu, Debate, Original Oratory, Duet Acting and Oral Interpretation.

HS Model United
Nations (MUN)

This is not a CEESA event, however many CEESA schools attend. AAS attends the BERMUN conference each year which is held in Berlin in November. It is an educational simulation and/or academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, , and the United Nations.

AAS students also have the opportunity to attend a local MUN conference which is usually run by the American College of Sofia.

HS Choir

This is a huge CEESA event with over 100 students coming together to produce a concert which includes all 3 disciplines from the music program.

Knowledge Bowl

Students work together in groups of 4 and compete against other teams. This is a general knowledge competition. The first round of questions is based on one topic; which could be anything from biology, to poetry to capital cities to astronomy. The second round a quick fire general knowledge questions. There is also an individual and team written component to to CEESA competition.

HS Math

The HS math competition is run over 2 days and includes both individual and team components in a junior and senior division.

Students work through a written, problem-solving and count-down rounds.

HS Tech Robotics

This CEESA event is a FIRST Tech Challenge robotics competition. Each year the teams are set a challenge and they take their robot to the competition to compete against the robots from the other schools.

In the finals the teams are paired up together to compete, which is a different element that they need to overcome.


AAS MS teams play 7-aside games against other CEESA schools.

Our girls are in Division 1 and boys in Division 2.


AS tennis runs in the spring for HS.

We select 6 players to travel to the CEESA tournament; 2 students play singles and 4 students make up 2 doubles pairs.

X-Country Running

The participants run 2 races over the 2 days at CEESA. HS students run a 3.5km race and a 5km race. The races are over varying terrain and may include; grass, trails through forests, water features, hills and flat ground. It is a combined MS/HS event and each school is allowed to have up to 6 runners in each age/gender.


AAS teams play in the CEESA Division 1 group for all teams;

MS boys and girls.


AAS competes in CEESA swimming every year. It is a combined MS and HS team consisting of up to 32 swimmers, 8 in each age/gender.

Swimmers can compete in both individual and team relay events.


All AAS volleyball teams compete in the spring season.

The travel team may consist of up to 10 students.

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