HS Student Life

During the High School years the need for balance between formal learning and extra curricular experiences becomes even more important.

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Student Activity
Leadership Team (SALT)

Developing leadership and advocacy skills SALT leaders assist with initiatives and events in the High School particularly around the athletics and hosting program. Students are involved in community efforts and promotion of the various athletics programs at AAS, including designing athletic gear and sponsoring charity events.

Student Council

Representing the High School student body elected students gather information, put forward requests and proposals, and organise the school prom.


This is an important aspect of student life throughout AAS and no less so in the High School. From reading stories and playing games in hospital with children who have cancer to hosting sports tournaments for refugee students.

From collecting bottle caps to fund incubators for sick newborns to clearing up play areas in local parks, students learn that their efforts can have an impact and improve the lives of others.


Normally taking place around September, these trips usually span 3 days and 2 nights. Students engage in team-building and learn about themselves and each other, as well as their wonderful host country.