Student Support

Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) – Grade 5 (ages 4 to 11)

We believe that all children can and will learn when they feel included, valued, and respected by their learning community. Furthermore, students must be challenged, believed in, and supported to reach common high expectations.
AAS has resources to accommodate a managed number of students with learning needs that require additional support. Currently, we are unable to serve students with intensive needs.
Our learning support teachers work with teachers and families to support students with the aim of helping each student engage in appropriate, accessible and challenging instruction suited for their specific needs.

If you have questions about whether or not AAS is able to meet your child’s specific learning support needs, please contact admissions at

  • Levels of Learning Support

    We support a managed number of students with mild to moderate learning difficulties who may require accommodations, but not modifications to access the curriculum. Accommodations do not fundamentally change instructional level, content, or performance criteria during instruction or assessment, while modifications require different benchmarks, modified curriculum, and performance criteria.

    At AAS, students with specific learning needs, given appropriate accommodations, function within the regular classroom and typically focuses on the same learning outcomes as all students. The setting for learning support may include in-class and/or pull-out instructional support based on each individual’s needs. We do not have a program for students who require a self-contained learning environment or a completely separate curriculum.
    When reviewing the application of a student with specific needs, the Admissions Committee takes into consideration the current number of students receiving learning support. We will only offer admission when the Admissions Committee determines that we can provide the level of support required for the student to be successful in the regular curriculum at AAS.

    Please note: If an applicant has had any form of learning support for academic/behavioral/emotional or social needs, parents must include all pertinent records, including individual educational plans, related services, educational psychologist assessments, and any other relevant assessments as part of their application.


We recognise that growing up, school and indeed life often isn’t easy.

All divisions of the school have dedicated and experienced counselors to support students through any struggles they may have and to help them to develop academic, career, and social/emotional skills to become active and successful global citizens in the future.

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English as an Additional Language (EAL)

The language of instruction at AAS is English: students learn in English. The change in language of instruction may be a challenge for students who are not proficient in that language. In fact, these students might need some language support when joining AAS.

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