Social Distacing

  • Social Distancing

    AAS will follow the requirements set by the Bulgarian government, input from the US and UK Embassies, as well as guidance by leading health organizations.

  • Learning Program

    Face-to-Face Learning
    Children who come to campus will engage in face to face learning with their peers.
    Virtual Learning
    In rare cases the division Principal (ES, MS, or HS) may determine that a student will learn through Virtual Learning for a limited time.
    Virtual Learning may include joining live-streamed lessons and/or personalized learning depending on the grade level and/or course.
    Virtual Learning is different from Distance Learning because it is not possible for teachers to teach Face to Face on campus and do the full Distance Learning Program at the same time.
    The division Principal may determine Virtual Learning is an option when a student is in required quarantine because the student or a person living in their home has tested positive for the coronavirus.
    Virtual Learning is not an option for the following situations:

    • Absences related to illness or injuries unrelated to the coronavirus;
    • Absences related to travel, including mandatory quarantine after travel;
    • Absences related to personal or family situations unrelated to the Coronavirus.
  • Bubbles

    To keep the AAS community as safe as possible, we will operate with the “bubble” system. A bubble is a group of students who will be together for extended periods of time. For example, a class or grade level.
    Campus Bubble
    The AAS campus is the large bubble. Each day, students and staff will have their temperature checked when they enter a bus or come onto campus.
    Parents, caregivers, and visitors must remain in their cars, unless they have a pre scheduled appointment. In that case, they will also have their temperature checked.
    At the start of the year, there will be exceptions for PreK and K parents.
    Procedures will be in place to maintain bubbles at the start and end of the school day.
    If there are multiple cases of COVID across the school, the campus will be closed. Learning will continue through the Distance Learning Program.
    Grade Level Bubbles
    Grade level bands will be a bubble. Movement through the school, transitions, recess/breaks, will be designed to keep students in their grade level bands bubbles.

    The grade level bands are:

    • Pre-Kindergarten;
    • Kindergarten & Grade 1;
    • Grades 2 & 3;
    • Grades 4 & 5;
    • Grades 7 & 8;
    • Grades 9 & 10;
    • Grade 11;
    • Grade 12.

    In the case that someone in a bubble tests positive for COVID and there was exposure at school, that bubble will go into quarantine for 10 days (including weekends or holidays) as of the day of last contact.
    In all cases, the School will conduct contact tracing to determine if a whole grade level band, a single grade level, a single class, or individual students will go into quarantine.
    If a bubble goes into quarantine, learning will continue through the Distance Learning Program.

  • Cafeteria, Lunch, Snacks & Water Dispencers

    Students will have designated eating areas to maintain grade level band bubbles.
    Water dispensers will be available and designated for use by specific bubbles.
    Any food brought to campus to share (birthdays, celebrations, bake sales, etc.) must be prepared, delivered, and consumed in line with the following procedures:

    • Any food for sharing should be in individual servings: cupcakes, bars, pies, cookies, breads, mini-pizzas and anything that can be sent in individual packages to avoid unnecessary handling;
    • Do not send whole cakes, crumbles, mousses, or similar foods which require plates, bowls and cutlery, unless in a proper containers and ready to serve;
    • Protect all goods from contamination, dust, and pests using clear plastic wrap, foil or a plastic dome;
    • Packaging for individual distribution is required;
    • Do not prepare any food at home if anyone in the household has been ill within the last 5 days;
    • Keep dietary restrictions in mind: avoid nuts or nut-based ingredients.