CAS – Creativity, Action,

CAS Coordinators

Rossitsa Anastassova

David Stephenson

What is CAS?

Anyone with a passing knowledge of the IB Diploma Program (IBDP) knows that it is a rigorous academic curriculum that spans the final two years of high school. Successful completion of the IBDP ensures that students are well-prepared for university.

But a brain full of knowledge isn’t all there is to being an educated individual. The ancient Greeks believed that a well-educated person engaged not only in mousike (intellectual and creative development) but gumnastike (one’s physical development). This educational philosophy has stood the test of time, and the IB’s “CAS” program ensures that students come out of the two-year IBDP with such a holistic education.

CAS is the non-academic piece of the IB curriculum. It stands for “Creativity, Activity, Service.” In its effort to provide a truly well-rounded education, the IB added CAS to get students to close their books, turn off their computers and put away their phones in order to engage in service activities, athletics, and creative pursuits.

Students are encouraged not only to follow their interests, but to experiment with new activities, as well. Indeed, they invariably must extend themselves and become “risk takers” (an IB learning trait). For example, a sporty student who doesn’t think of himself as creative will reflect on what creative avenue he might follow. The thought “I like to eat” could lead to cooking lessons, learning some knife skills, and resulting in some tastefully-plated dishes that are photographed and uploaded to his reflections on the activity. (The written reflections are a key part of the CAS experience.)

On this page you’ll see some examples of what our students do for CAS.