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A Mission Driven

Our mission is to engage, support and prepare each student for
today and tomorrow. We continue to embrace our mission
through distance learning.

The Anglo-American School of Sofia’s approach to distance learning begins with the assertion that teachers are committed to providing effective teaching and learning regardless of whether it is face to face or online.

The term distance learning is used to describe situations when learning occurs away from campus (online) for all or a specific cohort of students and teachers. We understand the invaluable social interactions and mediation that occur naturally among students and between teachers and students on campus. Although these interactions cannot be recreated in the same way, we are committed to finding methods to provide opportunities for this support and interaction. Additionally, teachers must find new methods for providing timely and specific feedback to support student growth and learning. Accordingly, this DLP provides guidelines and insights about how AAS’s faculty can approach teaching and learning during distance learning.

This delivery plan reflects our conviction that quality learning can occur at a distance using technology as a means to deliver instruction and connect with students. AAS’s shift to distance learning begins with the consideration of how we can intentionally align distance learning experiences with our instructional approach.

  • Distance Learning

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    Elementary School

    PK – Grade 2 Norms & Expectations for Distance Learning Video.

    Elementary School

    Grades 3- 5 Norms & Expectations for Distance Learning Video (PDF) (PDF in Bulgarian).

    Middle & High School

    Middle & High School Norms & Expectations for Distance Learning Video (PDF) (PDF in Bulgarian).

    Learning Support

    Learning support teachers will check in with students and families as appropriate.

    Counselor Support

    Counselors will be available for appointments via Google Hangouts/Google Meet and reachable via school email
    Students and families will be able to schedule online appointments as needed.

Suggestions For

Parents have always had a key role to play in supporting their child’s learning, and this remains just as true for distance learning.
Please click on the images below for more information on things parents should consider while supporting their children through distance learning.

  1. Wellbeing Always Comes First
  2. Define a supportive physical space for learning
  3. Pan the Work and Work the Plan
  4. Keep a Healthy Balance with Technology
  5. Stay in the loop and keep in touch
  1. Maintain socia interaction
  2. Model being a non-anxious presence
  3. Take an active role in helping your children process and own their learning

Guidelines for

We take the success and wellbeing of all our students very seriously, whatever the learning environment.
We invite you to click on the images below for more information on each of the Distance Learning Delivery Guidelines that our faculty work within.

  1. Wellbeing Always Comes First
  2. Evaluate your student’s conditions for distance learning
  3. Stick with the familiar and be consistent
  4. Less in more
  5. Include all learners
  1. Be flexible and personalize learning
  2. Think as ‘learning designers’ and coaches
  3. A balance between structure and dialogue
  4. Think differently about assessment