Summer Camps

Our program is specially designed for children aged from 5 to 12 years old and offers a special variety of activities and the opportunity to make friends, learn new skills and grow as a person.
Nestling in the foothills of Mount Vitosha, our school is situated on a state-of-the-art campus, which covers a plot of land of almost 8 hectares. It offers excellent facilities and kids with all kinds of interests will fall in love with our summer program.

Although still structured, the classes are more relaxed than the school routine and provide time and freedom for spontaneous play.
Our team helps children connect to the joy of life beyond the screen. Regardless of their interests, the students will learn and socially interact in a healthy, real-world setting at AAS. We believe time away from the screen is vital to a child’s brain, body, spirit and future, and could benefit us all.
Every day snacks and lunch are served outdoors, under tents. There is also a medical team on site.
We are convinced that we will continue to offer an environment that is much safer in terms of possible COVID-transmission than any school in the region.

The Summer Fun

Pottery classes and Arts and crafts activities

Children have the chance to explore their creativity using various techniques.


Practical lessons in the lab that inspire kids to love science!


During our first week of adventures we will become scientists and we will explore the secrets of archaeologists’ daily lives together. Week two is dedicated to the adventures and challenges of the prehistory. And finally, in our last week together we will discover storytelling – fairy tales and other exciting ways of expression from classical titles until present time stories. Come and join us!

International dances

The International dances class will offer a variety of traditional and modern dances from around the world. In each class you will have the opportunity not only to learn a new dance in a fun way but also to find out about its origin and cultural aspects. Each class will end with a relaxing yoga experience.

Cooking and Baking

Cooking is always fun – especially when you make a yummy mess!!!

The morning recess (30 minutes) and the afternoon recess (60 minutes) offer a great opportunity for the children to run, skip, jump, climb, laugh, and breathe the fresh air out of Sofia and get a healthy dose of Vitamin D.
Once a week we go hiking and during the last week of the summer school, if the weather allows, we visit a swimming pool.

Practical Details

Dates for 2022

Week one: June 27 – July 1
Week two: July 4 – July 8
Week three: July 11 – July 15


The price per week is 200 Euro (400 leva). This includes lunch, snacks, drinks, and a weekly trip (all transport & entrance fees).
The bus service to and from school every day is charged separately and the cost is 50 BGN per week.
If you are interested in your child being involved in the Summer Program, it is advisable to reserve your place now.
A 5% Sibling discount is available, applicable to the enrollment fee only.

Times & Location

The program is held on the AAS-Sofia campus from 09:00 – 15:00 with an additional hour for Friday trips during the 3 weeks.

How to Pay

For payment details, contact Program Coordinator Mitra Dimova