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PTO President Yeser Kocabas: ‘You Can Create Many Great Projects For the Children’

Please briefly present yourself. How long have you been a part of the AAS community? Which grades are your children in?

Hello. My name is Yeser and I come from Turkey. I am the new PTO president. I like to be an active person and I try to live my life with this motto. Life is so short to just sit. My family and I have been a part of school for almost 3 years now. Our two sons are in grades 2 and 3.

What are the PTO events/initiatives we should be looking forward to in the next few months?

PTO is the place for every family from our school and we are always eager to meet new volunteers, get new ideas, and of course – support. This year the team is new and we are still trying to understand each other and find out what our strengths are. We are trying our best and we are all full of ideas in the office. I am confident that step by step we will be able to bring them all to life. I think our main focus is our children’s happiness and this is what governs all of our decisions at the PTO.

What would you like to keep in the way PTO works? What would you change?

We are interested and working hard for our organization and we look into the future. I know Aliki and Selma, the previous two PTO Presidents. They and their teams did their best and we will try to build further on the work that was done so far. So ‘Doing Your Best Trying Your Best’ slogan will continue.

Why do you think parents should get involved in the parent-teacher organization?

To develop something, somehow – there are many ways to do that. For example I aim to upgrade myself every day, to improve my organization, my English language skills, my self-confidence. In PTO you have the freedom to create good projects for children, for the school, for families, and for teachers.The school always supports us and we try to give back through the work that we do at the PTO.

What should a parent do if they want to support the PTO? What is the best way to be informed about PTO initiatives?

Just contact us! We have an office in the library. You can email us at pto@aas-sofia.org, we have Classlist, social media (Facebook & Instagram), we have whatsapp groups and room parents who are your PTO liaisons with your child’s classroom.

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