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Showing Your Appreciation to Teachers this Week

This week is national Teacher Appreciation Week in the US and a number of other countries around the world. 
In this challenging times, our teachers are working harder than ever to ensure the AAS students receive the education and care they deserve. 
Although it’s a little different to show your appreciation during campus closure, here are a few ideas to show your love:

  • Write a grateful email: You can’t imagine how much it means for a teacher to receive a positive note of thanks from the parents of one of their students.
  • Scan and send a hand-made card: Kids love making cards and teachers’ hearts melt when their students show their love with a hand-written note.
  • Display a poster during a class Meet: Teachers will smile big if they log on to the class Meet and see a hand-made poster of appreciation on your child’s camera.
  • Record and send a short video recording: A sweet message of thanks from a student looking into the phone camera can give teachers goosebumps and make their day.

Last but not least, we would like to especially thank our lovely Parent Teacher Organization, who organized pizza delivery for all AAS teachers and staff members to show their appreciation for our work. Thank you!

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