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Student Spotlight: Alexander V.

We are starting a new rubric on the AAS Blog: ‘Student Spotlight’. In the first issue, we interviewed scholarship student Alexander V. who is currently in grade 11 at AAS. He is an active member of the Angelia Club, The Student Council, The Prom Committee, SALT, The Student Ambassador Program, and Model United Nations. Alex is also a talented artist – he sings and plays the piano and was Stage Manager of the “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Musical. You can hear him perform at the 5th Annual Benefit Gala on May 26th.

How did you learn about the AAS Scholarship?

I heard about it from my stepmom. She heard about it right after I finished the first semester in 8th grade.

What made you decide to apply?

I had a couple of friends that went to AAS and were very happy. I did come to some of the fairs and parties they had here before I applied and I fell in love with the school. The fact that everything was taught in English and there were so many international students really enticed me.

How do you hope the AAS Scholarship will positively impact your studies or future career?

I think that AAS provides a global perspective on education. It teaches students how to think critically and answer questions with more depth than just remembered answers. The IB is a rigorous program, and being a scholarship student, excellence is required. Because of that expectation, I push myself to achieve more academically and outside of the classroom. The program rounds you into a global citizen and a person who can do a lot of things from different subject areas (not just academics).

What have you found to be most surprising/unexpected about AAS?

The way people are so nice. It took me one day to get friends here and I found a friend group after a week of coming here. Having this accepting and loving community is the foundation of a good school, and I think I found that here. Surprising – very.

Can you tell us a little bit about your experience at AAS and what led you to follow that path? What has been your favorite part of all of your experiences? 

The opportunities AAS gives you are endless. It has allowed me to do everything I love doing outside of the classroom. Organizing and leading organizations is my passion. Having said that, I do all of these activities mainly because that’s what I want to do in the future as a career and that is the beautiful thing. Here my academic subjects have taught me critical thinking, analyzing, communicating, and thinking like a grown-up, that is capable of doing a lot, and the things I do outside of the classroom complete the whole education process, by giving me a look and feel into what I will do as an adult.

What are your plans? Do you feel prepared to face new challenges? 

After completing the IB next year, I am confident in my capabilities as a soon-to-be adult and student. I think having challenges is the most fun in life. Overcoming those challenges is the best way to make a person happy and confident and I think that is one of the most important things I have learned here. In the future, my dream is to open a PR agency with an emphasis on planning events and representing people and companies. I am a more humanitarian person, but those humanitarian-oriented career paths are the future of the job market.

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