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Life is a Field Trip

As students return from cultural trips, I’m reminded of the words of the great American author and teacher, John Gardner: “The business of education is to give the student both useful information and life enhancing experience; one largely measurable, the other not.” The importance of the above quotations has stuck with me since I first…

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Teacher Spotlight: Rossi Anastassova

Introduce yourself in one sentence, please I toss up water for good luck and clear paths at the main AAS events and I teach Bulagrian language, literature, culture, history and CAS in IB. How long have you been at AAS? Since August,2003 – next school year will be my 20th Share something we do not…

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Teacher Spotlight: Dominic Carrillo

Introduce yourself in one sentence, please I am a teacher, father, husband, writer, reader, and amateur musician who loves to travel and experience new things, people, and places. How long have you been at AAS? 10 years. Share something we do not expect to hear from you? When I was an adjunct history professor at…

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Teacher Spotlight: Mark Modzelewski

Get to know our Theatre Teacher Mr. Mark Modzelewski ( a.k.a Mr. Modz) Introduce yourself in one sentence, please I’m Mr. Modz and I teach Theatre and Theatre Tech in MS and HS.  How long have you been at AAS? I am finishing my fourth year at AAS and I’ve lived in Bulgaria for almost…

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To Travel Sideways

It’s been nearly 20 years since I was bitten by the travel bug. That first destination, rather typically, was Paris, France. Everything down to the cobble stoned malls of Montmartre, right up to the interlaced architecture of the Eiffel Tower, blew my mind. However, the most useful element acquired, I’d come to appreciate many years later; the fact that you’ll never be one-hundred percent prepared for any new destination. And I’m not just referring to material matters like an awful accommodation or forgetting your raincoat and a favorite lipstick shade. I’m talking about being mentally prepared for whatever the journey may throw at you….

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