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Teacher Spotlight: Brenda Costello

We are re-starting our ‘Spotlight’ section with Mrs. Brenda Costello, Gr. 5A Teacher

Introduce yourself using three words only, please.

Intuitive, Creative, Empathetic

What’s something most people may not know about you?

I have lots of ridiculous stories! Most people don’t know that I was once picked up by an elephant at a zoo by just my ponytail, had a peanut stuck up my nose for 3 days, or that I had a job involving smelling peoples’ breath.

Why did you decide to become a teacher? For how long have you worked in education?

After continuously being drawn to working with kids of all ages and abilities at summer camps, residential schools, etc, I realized that teaching was ultimately my path. I began as a teaching assistant in 1994 and earned my teaching certification in 1997.

What do you love most about your job?

No two days are alike. Even after 27 years of teaching, I learn and grow every day from my students! I embrace the fact that I’ll never master the complexities of being an educator and will always feel challenged.

Why did you choose AAS and what are your expectations?

As my first international teaching experience, I was lucky enough to have amazing friends who have been here and have shared their passion for AAS and Bulgaria over the years. Leaving the public education system behind and embracing both the international and private sector, I am focused on balancing my experience while being open to new opportunities pushing me to grow.

How is AAS different from your previous school?

The list of contrasts is long, but the best differences are smaller class sizes, more time to plan instruction, and an incredible assistant working with me each day.

Please, share an important lesson you learned from your work with students.

Never underestimate the power of how you make students feel each day. What may be a small and unremarkable moment to one person, may in fact be a defining moment for someone else.

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