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Teacher Spotlight: Mitko Nassapov

Introduce yourself in one sentence, please

My name is Dimitar Nassapov aka Mr. Mitko and I am the Athletics and Activities Director at AAS Sofia.

How long have you been at AAS?

 I have been at AAS for 8 years now.

Share something we do not expect to hear from you?

I am the captain of the Bulgarian Baseball National Team.

What do you love most about your job?

The thing I love the most is hosting CEESA events here at AAS and witnessing our students make friends, compete and celebrate their victories. Having students, staff and parents here on campus, cheering on the Wolves and creating memorable experiences for everyone.

What would you be if you weren’t a teacher?

I would be playing baseball around the world – a new team in a different country every year. Mostly gravitating around countries that have nice beaches.

What is the most important thing one has to learn at school?

You have to learn how to be yourself and not necessarily try to fit in. You want to be flexible and adaptable but not at the price of sacrificing your personality and the things you care about. Try to be social and take advantage of the different opportunities the school provides, because you never know who you’re going to meet along the way. Some of my best friends to this day are my middle school friends. And to finish off – remember what Chris Paul said – “You have to learn how to deal with people who don’t care as much as you care”.

What would you say to your 13 year old self?

You are good. You are doing great. Life is awesome. Everything will be just fine.

Please recommend a book to read

“The Talent Code” – By Daniel Coyle

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