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Trips Around Sofia & Upcoming Events

Dear community,
Welcome (back) to AAS, Sofia, Bulgaria. We wish you a wonderful, healthy and peaceful year.

In our first Culture spot for this year, you will find suggestions for day trips from Sofia (In the slides) and some upcoming events in Sofia and around.

  • Sept 3, Antiquity Fest – Serdica is my Rome, Sofia downtown, Western Gate (next to the Catholic cathedral) – FB event here
  • Sept 3, 11:00, Pink Tomato Fest – Knyazheska Garden, Sofia, FB event here
  • September 1- 8, Sofia Lights, Vrana Park – FB event here
  • Sept 2-4, City Rivers – Sofia, Lion’s Bridge – FB event
  • Sept 6, 101 bagpipes – Sofia, Maimunarnika – FB event here
  • Sept 10-11, Mish Mash fest – Sofia, Slaveykov Square – FB event here
  • Sept 16-18, KvArtal Fest, sofia downtown, FB event here
  • Sept 21-25, Samovodska Charshiya Fest, Veliko Tarnovo – FB event here
  • Sept 23-25, Avgustiada – Stara Zagora, FB event here

Enjoy September!


The Bulgarian Culture Team

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