At AAS we welcome highly skilled and dedicated professionals who believe deeply in people and the importance of international education to become part of our team.

We are committed to engaging, supporting and preparing each student for today and tomorrow and seek only the very best staff in our continuing journey to make the world a better place through:

  1. Fostering a love of learning, healthy living and international community
  2. Developing the knowledge, skills and values to communicate, find solutions and innovate
  3. Enhancing critical thinking, resourcefulness and creativity
  1. Cultivating leadership, compassion and responsible citizenship in both attitudes and actions
  2. Nurturing the abilities to interact effectively with others and to act independently with confidence


We have in excess of 160 faculty and staff members, from 12 different countries and we are dedicated to ensuring that all staff members enjoy a diverse, vibrant and friendly working environment.

Our mission and core values of commitment, respect and excellence extend to all members of our community, including staff.

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Serving with us extends beyond enjoying desirable working conditions, but satisfies ambitions for professional growth and provides the benefits of being part of a quality team as we engage, support and prepare each student for today and tomorrow.